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The Invisible Slim Gym

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Before and After Invisible Slim Gym

To say we’ve been excited about this day would be an understatement. We’ve been in the lab working on this product for 3 years now, and the day has finally come that we get to release it to the public.


First, we want to thank the guys from NASA because without them this would not be possible. The amount of effort and time they dedicated to this project has been nothing short of astonishing and for that we’re grateful.


In order to “Innovate A Higher Standard” you have to think big, and when I mean big, I mean an invisible Home Gym. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Wall Mount” rig provided by our competitors, but nothing saves space like invisibility.


  • Your wife or husband doesn’t want you to spend time working out at home? That’s fine. They never have to know.
  • Have people been questioning your chest-to-bars? Problem solved.
  • Don’t want that flimsy wall mount coming unfolded on your beautiful car in the middle of the night? Drive right through ours.


We can spend hours talking about this amazing product, but why don’t you just take a look for yourself and if you make 3 payments of $9.95 this bad boy could be yours!


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