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Steph Hammerman AKA "THE HAMMER"

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Steph is our newest Box Stalker Athlete. She defines courage, will power, and determination. We have watched several videos and have to Steph several times over the past few months. She's truly an inspiration and we look forward to having her a part of the Box Stalker Team! Steph Hammerman, 23. Train and coach at CrossFit Conquest, Davie, FL. "CrossFit has been the glue that helped put my life's puzzle back together. Through my fitness journey, all of it's ups and downs I found purpose. This community and lifestyle has allowed me to express myself and use my different perspective to make difference in other people's lives. I live with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy, CP and as result I have to adapt the everyday movements of this sport to a way that works for me body. Although the movements are challenging and have been since day one, I believe I am one of many examples that prove that this sport truly "prepares us for the unknown". As an adaptive athlete and coach I am able to bring a new perspective to something that was once seen as cut and dry. I am a firm believe that if someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way to make it work." "I recently became the world's first female Level 1 trainer with CP. I don't share this to boast about the accomplishment, but to show the world that anything is possible if they believe in the impossible. Through this community I have found a purpose, but I have also recognized that a true passion developed. Being that person to help athletes achieve something they never once thought was possible is the best feeling in the world. I will never be ashamed of having to adapt to life's challenges because through the daily struggles I have the opportunity to change the world's perception of what differently able looks like."

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  • The full ball skirt with the large satin bow does in deed look amazing and I only wish that we could of seen Nicole with the upper part of the gown. One can close their eyes and see a tight ftietd bodice with a sweetheart neckline and satin puff sleeves! ball Gowns or ball skirts scream romance, maybe that’s why 80% of romance novels have beautiful women wearing them! What shocked me the most was the ones the wrote in asking for where they too could have such a wonder garment! We live in a world where it’s not the MODERN WOMEN thing to do, to look feminine. Thank you ladies for reassuring me some of you still see elegance isn’t totally removed from this world!

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