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Why Crossfit? Part 2

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Last week, we discussed some of the reasons why we choose CrossFit.  As a recap, here are the reasons we discussed:
    1.)  First and foremost, you will become fit.   We mentioned that the goal of CrossFit is to become "functionally fit," and we discussed what this term means.  We also covered the main physical fitness components that CrossFit targets.
    2.)  Participating in CrossFit comes with quite a few “perks:"
    • a.) time (CrossFit workouts do not take a lot of time to complete),
    • b.) variety (CrossFit’s focus is actually placed on a lack of specialization, and this keeps things interesting),

      Now let's discuss some of the other reasons why we choose CrossFit!

      3.  You can become a part of a tight-knit community, each member of which works toward the same goals. 

      Many sports (even sports that are classified as “team” sports) involve competing against each other.  This is not the case with CrossFit.  CrossFit exercises are completed as part of a group, and this group can provide you with the encouragement you need to perform your best.  After all, this group is working together toward the same end goal, which means that you are all on the same team. Many athletes will agree that they enjoy the sense of community they have experienced together with their peers since beginning CrossFit, maybe even more than they enjoy the workout itself!  At Box Stalker, this unique community is a crucial aspect of what we do,  and we plan to discuss it more in-depth in the coming weeks.

      4.  You can also work out at home.  

      If participating in CrossFit with the guidance a certified CrossFit trainer is not an option for you, never fear – you can actually work out on your own.  You will not need lots of expensive gear or equipment, and the Internet is full of descriptions and explanations for each WOD.  There are also plenty of video demonstrations, both from and other sources, that can help you master challenges you face. (Just be sure to use your discretion and choose articles, tutorials and videos that come from a reliable source).  Also, since you will not be working with a certified CrossFit trainer, do not put yourself at risk by disregarding your level of fitness when choosing to attempt something new).

      CrossFit’s official website actually shares guidelines and tips for working out at home, and it provides resources for “building a world-class strength and conditioning facility in your garage” (, “How to Start). also recommends that those who are interested in working out at home visit their message boards for tips, additional information, or encouragement from other athletes. You can also subscribe to The CrossFit Journal, where you can find “over 3,100 high-quality PDF articles, videos and audio files covering diverse topics including exercise technique, nutrition, injuries and rehab, equipment, coaching, and much more” (CrossFit Journal – Welcome to the CrossFit Journal).  You can currently subscribe for one year of unlimited access for free, and since new material is published each day, the CrossFit Journal can prove to be an excellent resource for you if you plan to work out from home.

      In addition, we plan to share a “Home Workout” mini series right here on Box Stalker, so stay tuned for the first installment of that series in a few weeks!  

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      • . Yes, putting your feet under soteihng like a sofa, or a door, does help restrain the feet, but also takes some pressure of the abs. i can do around 100 sit ups without the sofa, yet i could do i think it was about 145 or something in that range with hte sofa, cuz u found you are using your feer/legs to pull you up, adn not the muscles

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