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Box Stalker and South East CrossFit Regionals!

Posted by Zach Brown on

South East Regionals is almost here!


Box Stalker will be sponsoring the 2014 South East Regionals this weekend, so if you're in the area, be sure to stop by and introduce yourself to us. We would love to meet you!


Our athletes are so excited about this competition, and here are a few words straight from them about what they are looking forward to this weekend:


Allison Brager: "I am beyond pumped for Emily B, Sonya Mac, and I. Words cannot describe the heart and work put into this year’s training and bonding with my teammates. Plus, we removed ourselves from outside distractions. Our coach, Ben Benson, and his brilliant programming (Squat Mafia) have transformed us into athletes who are prepared for anything, known or unknowable. As a three year veteran to Regionals, I have never had this much confidence and excitement headed to Florida. We’re pandastrong, baby!"


Allison Brager


Sonya Mac: "It has been a great year training at Crossfit Terminus alongside Eric Pyne, Steve Hoover, Allison Brager, and Emily Bridgers. Our coach Ben Benson has worked very hard to get us to accomplish our goals that we set for ourselves this year. I can't thank him enough. Regionals will be a testament to that. I have to remember to stay within myself, have no expectations, keep my faith, and stay in the moment. I am also very excited to represent Squatmafia programming and Box Stalker."


Sonya Mac


Allie Bourdon: "We are so excited about Regionals this year! I think after doing what we did last year we have a lot expected of us, but we are really going to go out and do the best we can. With the team we have I truly believe we can make it back to California, but only time will tell!"


Allie Bourdon


And, in case you need a recap, here is more information about Regionals:


“Over the course of three days, athletes will perform brutal events to test the range and depth of their capabilities. For the fourth year in a row, the events will be the same across all regions. Everyone around the world will be able to compare their favorite newcomers with Games vets, workout for workout, second for second, pound for pound. For fans of the sport, this is another opportunity to speculate what the future holds at the Games.


Besides the stiff competition, Regionals are a lively spectator experience. Each year, fans come in droves and cross borders to support their favorite athletes, family members and friends. The same crowds, who settled into the dirt hillside of the Ranch with a beer and a love for CrossFit, enjoy the Aromas-like competition at Regionals.


With the tremendous growth of CrossFit around the world, the competition gets tougher each year, with phenomenal athletes coming out of the woodwork and veteran competitors honing their skills one step further. The regional competitions have become as tough as the way the Games used to be in the early days in Aromas.


The athletes and fans know it’s no small feat to make it anywhere close to the regional podium. The fans come to see their athletes, 'marred by dust and sweat and blood,' striving valiantly for their best. The athletes come to prove their fitness on a higher level of competition, with the dream of qualifying for the Games in the back of everyone's mind.


In 2014, the Regionals will be held over four weekends from May 9th to June 1st.”

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