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Progress: One Step at a Time

Posted by Zach Brown on

Definition of progress (n)


progress-positive development: development, usually of a gradual kind, toward achieving a goal or reaching a higher standard


September 2011


How do we progress?  How long does it take to see the changes or differences we strive to achieve?  As human beings it is natural for us to want to speed up the process toward reaching a goal.  Healthy competition with each other and ourselves helps to speed up the progression process.  However, our competitive nature can also get the best of us.  Always look back and reassess your own goals.  If you base your goals solely on someone else you will always fail, they are not your goals.  The truth of the matter is someone will always be better than you.  Sometimes it does not come down to who is better physically, but who has the most heart and determination in the end.  Do not lose sight of the real reason why you do what you do.  You chose your goals for a reason.  


December 2012


To start this process you must have a goal or goals to reach.  Write them down, hang them up, and look at them every single day.  Let your goals be a constant reminder of why you are continuing this journey.  Often times we lose sight of the reasons why we are working so hard, it seems to become unattainable.  Remember, this is a process.  Be patient.  It could be one month, 8 months, or 2 years before you start to see your hard work pay off.  Stick with it.  They are your goals. 


June 2013


Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and create a support system.  If we do not have support from the ones we care about our goals may slip away or seem irrelevant.  Support from others does not mean taking all of their advice.  Remember, you know yourself better than anyone else.  Follow your path.  Take the advice when needed, listen to the advice when given, but do not change your goals to please another.



October 2013


At the end of the day, a positive attitude is what will get you through.  Frustration can eat away at you and make you want to quit.  Being optimistic even when you see no light at the end of the tunnel is very hard at times.  Just know that the hard days will come and go.  We need those days to let us know the road ahead is not going to be easy.  Those days exist because they make us strive to achieve our goals, mentally and physically,  and want to finish the journey successfully.


January 2014


Prove yourself wrong.  Prove those who doubt you wrong.  The road ahead may be long but do not stray.  Keep your head up and keep moving forward. 


July 2014


Blog post by Allie Bourdon

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  • You are an inspiration Allie Bourdon! You’ve come so far and have so much more to go! Cant wait to see what you do as an individual this year : )

    Allison Brager on

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