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Box Stalking with Bourdon

Posted by Zach Brown on

This traveler will be occasionally writing about my experiences traveling and staying fit by dropping in at gyms and CrossFit boxes. Having traveled all over the world in my career as a businessman, it's a nice break and relief to visit a friendly crossfit box at the end of a day and get some new instruction. Meeting local people has the added benefit in finding out places to eat and stay in the area.

 A few rules of thumb when dropping in:

Call or message ahead. Let them know your home box and experience/level. Join regularly scheduled workouts. Some Boxes have a sign up page for classes otherwise let them know the class you want to attend. Arrive early to sign paperwork and bring cash for payment. You should always offer to pay a drop in fee or purchase a shirt or item. They may waive it, but it’s the right thing to do. Go over the local rules for the Box regarding equipment use and housekeeping. Introduce yourself to others and be friendly and you will find out loads about the area your visiting.


You can read my occasional posts on Pure Strength website under Box Stalker Traveler.


I recently had the chance to travel up through the Connecticut River Valley to the beautiful little town of East Haddam .Being a Masters CrossFit athlete I love finding places like CrossFit High Order.

There I found helpful advice and tips for mobility along with great coaching for strength training in WOD movements.This great little box located about 2 miles out of the center of East Haddam features a good collection of equipment but more importantly great coaching. Andrew Petrulis (Air Force vet) and Brian ("BK") Kelleher know their stuff. They just opened a few months ago but bring a lot of experience to the table. Everything they say on their website is an understatement. Andrew is a Great American with several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. If you're in the Connecticut Valley and looking for great coaching from some awesome and humble coaches, this is the place. If you're new to CrossFit, you will find these guys very patient and knowledgeable. I loved spending time after the class for some expert direction on ankle and calve mobility. I'm a 2 times Crossfit Games Masters Competitor and learned plenty.

Further North I had a chance to drop in at Crossfit Worcester in Worcester, MA. Just down the road from my alma-mater Assumption College, home of the Greyhounds. Good thing I had my Box Pack with me. Paul Syr, owner, and former Air Force and SWAT officer, and coach Zack helped me with some reminders on KB swings and front squats. The box was friendly, well organized, a good location, and had a big selection of classes.  Check out there web site and profiles.  They have quite a collection of cross fit tees on the wall. Paul, I owe you one!

Despite the tough weather and about 6 feet of snow on the ground and icicles like the South Pole this place still had a big class on Friday evening. Tough people in central MA! 


Written by: Tom Bourdon

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