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"Eight at 8" with Alex Anderson

Posted by Zach Brown on

This week's Eight at 8 will continue on with CrossFit Athlete Alex Anderson.. 

Alex just placed 8th Worldwide in the CrossFit Games Open to qualify him for Regionals in Atlanta. If he can place top 5 in the new Central Super Region in May he will punch his first ticket to Carson, California for the CrossFit Games!

Here is what we asked the man himself..

1. What is your LEAST favorite lift to train?

Alex: " I like ALL lifts!"


2. What is your favorite movie of ALL time?

Alex: "Gladiator"

3. What's in your fridge right now?

Alex: "Sloppy Joes, Cheeseburgers, Eggs, Sausage , Milk, and Juicy Juice."

4. What's your ideal workout? (If this shows up, no one will beat you.)

Alex: "Max Squat or Max Clean"

5. If you're not CrossFitting, what are you doing?

Alex: "Hunting, Fishing, Cutting down trees, or just being outside."

6. What is currently your proudest accomplishment in life?

Alex: "Becoming a Pure Strength athlete!"


7. What professional sporting event can we most likely catch you attending? 

Alex: "Barcelona Soccer Game"

8. It's no secret you come from a big family that has accomplished a lot. What has been the main inspiration your parents and siblings have instilled in you to help reach your goals?

Alex: "I am so blessed to have such an incredible family. Growing up in a Christian household with the most supportive parents in the world instilled a lot of confidence in me. My dad and older brother, Zach, are huge inspirations to me for what they have already accomplished in CrossFit. They are two of the toughest guys I know and motivate me to be a champion."


To follow Alex Anderson and his journey-> Alex Anderson

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