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"Eight at 8" with Nicole Capurso

Posted by Zach Brown on

1) What is your favorite piece of Pure Strength equipment?

"I just recently came home to the most beautiful barbell sitting on my doorstep. The first day I tried it I knew it was my new favorite. It spins so smooth and is so responsive when I am training weightlifting that it has really made a significant difference in my training. Plus, it has a sleek black shaft which is super pretty!"


2) What is one food you couldn't live without?

"I cannot live without breakfast foods. I know that's not ONE food (but did you really expect ME to pick one food?!). I love waking up to eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, jam, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal.... All breakfast foods are my absolute favorite!"


3) What's one thing we might not know about you?

"I am a closet artist. I love to draw, paint, and decorate almost anything I can. I actually have a minor in Fine Arts. It's something I love to do in my free time and well, with my current life, free time doesn't come around very often!"



4) What's your top 5 on Pandora?

"Oh no, don't judge me! These aren't exactly in a particular order, just depends on my current mood (or me trying to be considerate of my lifting company haha):"
1) Beyoncé Radio
2) East Coast Hip Hop
3) Drake Radio
4) Rick Ross Radio
5) The Temptations Radio

5) If you could meet one athlete who would it be and why?

"Michael Jordan. Well, because it's MJ. Although Larry Bird is a close second. However, if I met Larry, I would want to be in the same room as him and Magic, together. So I guess that would break the rule of one athlete? I definitely have a list of athletes I would love to meet and speak to, but those three would be at the very top of my list." 


6) If you HAD to get a quote tattooed on you what would it be?

Well, I do have a tattoo... with a quote haha. So, I guess it would be that one. My tattoo is on my right rib cage and it is two intertwined flowers that I drew. I wear this to symbolize what the perfect female athlete is in my eyes. One that has both a really tough relentless side as well as a nurturing, caring feminine side all intertwined in one. The quote is a Proverbs 31 verse that says "She dresses herself in strength and makes her arms strong".


7) What's a typical training week look like for you?

"I train normally 5 days a week. Thursday is usually an active recovery day and Sunday completely off. I usually break my work up into 2 sessions as it keeps my fresh and my schedule allows for it. My work always consists of some kind of WL work, then a strength and a skill aspect as well as a high intensity metcon and then a few days a week we add in a low intensity, long, aerobic piece for lung building purposes." 


8) The next few months you have a lot on the plate. What are some goals you have set? 

"I currently compete in so many different sports sometimes it's hard to look at the big picture. I like to take one thing at a time and focus on it. My college coach use to always ask us before a game "why is this the most important game?" and our answer to her had to be "because it's our next game." That's how I feel about my sports. Right now my main goal is fighting for one of those top 6 sports to Carson (CrossFit games). After that I will shift my focus according to what is next. Of course I have a goal to be as successful as possible in every avenue I compete in, but I know if I work hard day to day I will constantly be working toward those goals when they are up next - whether that be helping my team win a Grid championship, or placing top 5 in the nation in weightlifting."




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