"Eight at 8" with Ben Williams – Pure Strength
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"Eight at 8" with Ben Williams

Posted by Zach Brown on

Welcome back to Eight at 8!

We hope you're enjoying taking an inside look at our Athletes leading up to Regionals. Our goal is not to just give you the basic height, weight, and max snatch numbers. We want to ask each athlete 8 questions that sum them up as people. We're having a blast asking the questions and we hope you're having a good chuckle at some of the answers! Enjoy!


This week we meet Ben Williams! 2x Regional athlete. Last year although making it individually he decided to give it a shot with his team and affiliate CrossFit Bound. This year is a different story. Ben wants a shot at the podium individually and he is willing to put in the work it takes to get there. Here is what we asked Ben..


1) Do you plan your meals? What will be in your "lunch box" for the last day of Regionals?

"I eat pretty clean but am not too strict on myself. I have a bad sweet tooth. I normally eat about 3-4 pints of Ben & Jerry’s a week, but since the Open ended I’m down to only 1. Half baked is my weakness. On competition day, I stick to baby food squeezers, some sliced sandwich meat, and shakes."


2) If you could ask the Crossfit God's for one movement not to show up at Regionals what would it be?

"Well the easy answer for me is handstand walks- I sucked last year at Regionals, but I’ve put in a lot of handstand work since January. I would love to not see pistols. I can do them, but they’re ugly." 


3) How long do you typically warm up before a regular training day?

 "At least 30 minutes. Folks around the gym definitely give me a hard time about how long it takes me to get loose."


4) If we jumped in your car and turned on the radio what kind of music would be playing?

Country or Christian for sure. I love jamming out to Passion’s new album, Even So Come."

5) Are you a glass half full or empty kind of guy?

 "Half full. All that negativity doesn’t help anyone!"


6) Are you an Oly man or are you rocking Nike Metcons all week?

I used to wear Oly’s for everything, but now I make myself wear trainers more often now so I don’t limit myself if something heavy shows up in a metcon and it’s really helped!

7) Who opened your eyes to crossfit? Are they still a part of your journey?

"Cory Dague. I dropped in his box in Griffin, GA in 2012 to give CF a shot. That day, it was a 20 min AMRAP and I came out really fast, redlined around 2:30 into the WOD, and ended up flat on my back at the end. He and I still keep in touch for sure- we went down to Wodapalooza 2014 together, where he won the Masters division. He also went to the Games in 2013 for 40-44. When I joined CF Bound May 2013, Brandon Phillips really influenced my path to where I’ve been able to get to today. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by great people along the way."


8) Mayweather or Pacquiao?

"I couldn’t care less. Both are great fighters but I probably won’t even watch. I’d rather be watching the Braves!"

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