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Benefits of Paleo Nutrition

Posted by Zach Brown on

Paleo diet is the only healthy way to eat because the diet contains all the necessary food that is required by the body. Persons whose diets are designed under the strict rules of paleo nutrition stand a chance of staying lean, strong and energetic. Research in dermatology, cardiology and ophthalmology reveal that most degenerative diseases result of poor eating habits and modern diets which contain trans fats and sugars and chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Similar to any other diet, the Paleo diet has its own share of rules and guidelines which determine the types and quantities of food and drink that are allowed on the diet. Chances are that you have heard of terms such as the caveman diet or Paleo nutrition. This type of nutritional lifestyle ensures that the people taking the Paleo diet eat foods that have been proven to work well with their genetics to enable them live longer and stay healthy.

The basic principle upon which Paleo nutrition is founded requires you to go back to the roots of your ancestry and follow the nutritional habits of the cavemen of old. You should then copy and apply these principles in your modern day food choices.

A keen look at the advancements in technology, processing, farming and agriculture reveal how these systems have taken us away from pure and healthy eating habits. The cavemen and our ancestors ate the freshest fruits and vegetables, which they supplemented with fish, meat and eggs, which they obtained during their hunting and gathering. Going back to the paleo diet will not only help you avoid discouraged foods, but also give you a chance of leaving a long and happy life.

So, applying the strict rules in paleo nutrition, packaged and processed foods should be a big no-no in paleo diets. You should also stay away from those meats that are classified under the fatty meats category. Although they taste great, these meats do the greatest harm to our bodies. You should avoid foods like bacon, pork sausage, chicken wings, pepperoni, processed deli meats, lamb chops, fatty pork, and breakfast sausage as well as the skin of chicken and turkey. Heart diseases and obesity often result in cases where these fatty meats are over eaten.


Further, the cavemen did not consumer wheat and grain products because by the time of their existence, agriculture and processing had not been developed. The cavemen ate food that grew naturally. Gluten, which is found in wheat and grain products, is known to be major contributors to nutritional and digestive problems and ailments. Therefore, all types of food that have Gluten in them are on the “discouraged foods list” on the paleo diet. This means that grains like corn, barley, millet, rice, oats, rye, wild rice and wheat and the by-products made from them are all in the “discouraged foods list”. Abstaining from these discouraged foods might prove to be very hard; however, you should use the long term health benefits as inspiration to stick to a paleo diet.

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