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Emily Bridgers Preparing for the 2015 CrossFit Games

Posted by Zach Brown on

If there were a Zombi Apocalypse, What  female CrossFit athletes would you form a team with? And what 3 men will be on the podium this year?

Definitely not me. I looked at all the comments and anyone who voted for me is dumb. Haha!

1. I would definitely take Sam. For one, she’s a firefighter. And two, I feel like she could crush some zombies.
2. I would take Julie because she’s a doctor.
3. Stacy because she’s a good friend and a beast. And she was raised on a farm. She’s probably seen a zombie before.

Who do predict will be the top 3 men?
I will say Matt Fraser, Ben Smith and Noah Olson.

Experience from Carson. What did you bring back from Crossfit Games last year that is going to help you this year?

There are lots of things I brought back from Carson. One being experience swimming in the ocean. If that comes up again I’ll be more confident this time than the first time. But also that you have to be literally prepared for a workout to be announced and be ready to do it 5 minutes later without knowing what equipment you need. So the concept that you’re training for the unknown becomes much more real. And you have to be adaptable in terms of what shoes you need, knee sleeve, belt, etc. You just have to be ready for it to be announced and go straight back to warm up. But it’s mostly just mentally holding it together for the 5 days of the competition.

Dave Castro announced "Murph" as the first individual workout this year. How do you think it will be modified?

If I had to predict what the Murph announcement is, I think it will be the Smurph or the Swim Murph event repeat of 2011. They really like to repeat something every year. It’d be cool to see how people did in 2011 vs 2015. There are some people who competed in 2011 that are still competing in 2015. And I think the difference would be pretty dramatic. But that’s just a prediction. I know we’re starting on Hermosa Beach. And I know one of the events is Murph. But we don’t know if that’s the first event. For me, I’m hoping the beach event at least involves a swim. But the only thing that bothers me is doing 200 push ups in a competition. It seems hard to judge. In general I don’t have any strong opinion of loving or hating the announcement.

You do a great job of being confident and humble at the same time. How do you manage both in this sport with out going to far onto one side?

I definitely think that’s how I was raised. Gymnastics was always a very humbling experience. You go into a competition and you can’t be overly confident because you either hit that day or miss that day. I think that carries over to crossfire a little bit. But also anybody that gets cocky in CrossFit is crazy because potentially we could be crushed by any workout given to us. I think just looking at the games, everyone saw that when you get half marathon thrown at you. Any new thing thrown at you is going to be a humbling experience because you don’t know what to expect. You’re not preparing for the same thing over and over. You’re not certain that you are the best at something. You want to be certain that you could be the best. But you always have to be thinking that you’re working harder than the next person, so you might be the best at it. But you never know it until game time.

What are your training days looking like leading up to the Games?

Some people say that training ramps up a lot after regionals up until the games. For me it’s been just a lot of training all year and monitoring when I need rest, when I need extra rest if it’s too much. A normal training week leading up to the games would be rest on Monday and rest on Thursday. At least that’s the plan. Sometimes on Thursday I might add in an extra swim or an extra run. Or I’ll finish a WOD that I didn’t finish. And then pretty much every other day except Mondays and Thursdays, I’m hitting it hard. Tuesday and Wednesday will be an assignment written on the board that might be A through E, where A is a strength portion, B is a super set, there might be 2 WODs in there. And then some accessory work. And the difference between the WODs throughout the year and leading up to the games is predicting what you might see in arena. So we ramp up the running a little bit. We do more swimming. Or just odd objects and more power work. That type of thing. So Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty heavy. By the time I hit Thursday, I don’t want to do anything. Some of the extra work I’m getting in is on the assault bike at home. So I don’t always have to spend time in the gym to get my mind away from the gym atmosphere. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday are also really long sessions. Especially Saturday and Sunday. A normal Saturday would be coming in to coach either the 9 or 10 o’clock class. Then I’ll be training from around 10 until 4 with a few short breaks in between to refuel.

My biggest weakness is sprint workouts. So we’ll do a lot of sprint intervals. Which are terrible but necessary. So we do a lot of sprint work. Anything under 5 minutes for me is what I need the most work on. But we go long and do a lot of 10 minute WODs too.

How was this years regionals compare to last years?

I think that all 5 years I’ve put equal pressure on myself just to perform well. But this year it wasn’t just about making it. It was the expectation of knowing I could win going in and the increased intensity of combining regions. It was definitely evident in just the warm up area and going out on the competition floor that everybody was serious about being there and serious about wanting to make the games. I was nervous. But I’m always nervous. So it wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to.

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