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A Closer look at The G-Up

Posted by Zach Brown on

If you have just seen and heard of the “G-Up” I’m sure you have several questions. We’re here to help explain in depth the benefits the G-Up gives to an individual or a Gym as a whole.


The “G-Up” was invented early this year by one of our engineers, Justin, who refused to watch another person use a “J-Cup” for assistance reaching a pull-up bar during a competition. He decided to take the basic design of a J-Cup and make the device more step friendly. After hours of welding and re-designing the G-Up was born.


The simple design of the G-Up allows you to easily install the device in seconds. Working just like your average J-Cup, you simply install the G-Up according to your required assistance. Once installed on your Rig, you should be able to easily place one foot on the G-Up giving you the assistance needed to reach a high pull up bar or maybe muscle up rings.


Absolutely anyone can use them, but we built this with the shorter individual in mind. Whether it be a beginner, child, or 2x CrossFit Games competitor Emily Bridgers who is in love with the invention! Our objective was to make it easier for you to reach the pull up bar no matter the competiton or gym height standards. It’s much easier to adjust height on G-Up then an actual pull up bar.


We have designed two different sizes to fit just about every Rig on the market. Although we hope you have one of our Rigs in your home or gym, we understand if you need to put our “G-up” on a competitor’s rig until you make the change ;). The majority of columns on the market are either 2"x3"(with 5/8" hardware) or 3"x3"(with 5/8" hardware) , so we built our G-Ups to accommodate both . If you need further assistance we have customer service 7 days a week via e-mail or 5 days a week via phone.

We hope we gave you all the information you needed to know about the G-Up. We’re super proud of our team member innovating such a helpful device and as you will see it’s very reasonably priced, because we think every gym or person should have the opportunity to use one.

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