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Benefits of a Good Warmup Before A CrossFit Workout

Posted by Zach Brown on

Many people completely overlook the significance of a good warm up before a CrossFit workout. Whether you want to build muscles or lose weight, starting your workout session with a good warm up is very important as it gives your body time to adjust to the changing environment and level of activities. There are many people who invest more than 30 minutes stretching and warming up before they actually start with their targeted workout.

There is no secret to a good warm-up. Warm up exercises of all sorts are designed to increase the blood flow in your body and heart beat at steady speed. It just makes sure that your body doesn't get into instant shock as soon as you start with your rigorous training session. There are some things a good warm-up must be able to accomplish and even if you don’t have much time in hand, you should be able to do all that in less than 10 minutes.

Warm-up Before a CrossFit Workout

As mentioned earlier, warm-up before any training is essential for many reasons. However, there are two main benefits that you attain from a well developed warm up session. The first benefit of warm up is that it helps increasing the temperature of blood and muscles. Your body needs to get into the mood before you force it into any kind of rigorous training that is beyond your body’s comfort zone. The second benefit of a good warm up is that it prevents the workout shock by increasing the size of blood vessels and creating light sweat.

It should be noted that warm muscles always perform faster and better in concentric as well as eccentric motion. They give you more power and strength. Warm up sessions also reduce the chance of injury or post-workout traumas like muscle soreness. By producing light sweat, it prepares your body to cool down more quickly and also decreases the strain on the heart by increasing the ability of the blood to move rapidly. Make sure you use quality CrossFit equipment and shoes to workout. These are designed to absorb workout shocks, and make sure your feet feel comfortable. 

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