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Advanced Workouts

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True strength and conditioning is one of the hardest and most demanding workout plans you could take on, but it’s also one of the most effective for building endurance, strength and muscle. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to try it, and it might even work for you, on some level, but if you’re thinking about moving on to advanced workouts, you better make sure you’ve mastered the basics and you’re in really good shape, because it’s about to get hard and sweaty for you, if it wasn’t thus far.


Take it to the next level

If you’re ready for advanced fitness workouts, that means that you want to be working out on a competitive level. What that translates to, in practical terms, is that you will be working to improve in every part of your training, from warming up more efficiently, to adding more repetitions, improving times, lifting heavier and becoming more flexible during the stretching part of your routines.

To do this, you can start by adopting the ideal warm-up, which includes an aerobic piece, a pulling movement, a pressing movement, a midline movement, and a squatting movement – a recipe designed not only to start blood flow and mobility, but also to start working on increasing your performance level and your ability to do specific exercises.


Conditioning is Key

While most athletes prefer weightlifting over any other part of their training, you should be aware – if you weren’t at this point – it is more about endurance than heavy lifting. This is why you should incorporate some conditioning exercises into your routine, alternating them with your specific weight lifting moves but using higher reps, so that you not only build on volume, but also train your sport-specific moves, like you should, and improve your endurance. It may be tiring and boring, but if you do it, you will be thankful when you see the results, you can write it down!


Do it like you mean it

What’s different between a beginner and an advanced athlete is that the beginner does well when an exercise caters to their strengths but struggles otherwise, while an advanced athlete is an all-rounder. To get there, you must train everything, from running, to lifting, to conditioning, on the highest level, doing every lift, every mile and every burpee like you mean it, so that you can improve and excel at all of them.


Work more. Work harder

We’ve already talked about endurance, but really, it is the most important aspect of an athlete’s program. To improve your endurance, what you need to do is work more and work harder, by gradually increasing the time you train and the number of reps you do of each exercise. Increasing the volume of your training can be a chore, but it’s one that pays off in each and every move of each and every session.


Remember, a true athlete is a complete athlete. You may not need to be one if you’re not competing, but that’s the goal you should work towards if you’re taking on advanced workouts.

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