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The Basics

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Fitness is beginning to show up everywhere these days, including on TV, magazines and on the internet. And if you have friends of colleagues who love keeping fit, perhaps you might have heard them talking about the hottest ''box'' that just opened shop down the streets.

You see, the people who love strength and endurance training really love it. However, the rest of the world tend to think it's out to kill them. But just because some hardcore fans keep intimidating the masses, you might never come to know the truth.

However, to help bring this intimidation down a notch, there are a lot of honest fitness materials online, most of which give credible information concerning the ''sport of fitness''. And we also have a number of experts who frequently talk of the basics or what one should expect when starting out the first time.

So, is it dangerous, and will it kill you?

The answer is No, it will not kill you or anyone else who dares to take part in it. However, it can be dangerous for newbies if they don't follow the basics as highlighted by their instructors.

You see, beginners are often psyched up in enthusiasm to get into the real thing, meaning they do too much, too early. However, this is quite the opposite of what their instructors tell them out there. In fact, the basics teach that intensity should be the last thing in the mind of a beginner. Instead, they should be focusing on the fundamentals and mechanics of the movement before introducing intensity.

Every gym is configured a little differently, and the same thing applies to how introductory courses are structured. Again, no instructor waits to see a beginner show up so they can cripple them the next day. If a beginner is too timid to keep up with the rest of the class, they can do at least 50% of what the rest are being taught. They can catch up tomorrow or the day after that.

Working hard is good but difficult

Of course the basics doesn't teach beginners advanced moves the first time they show up. But on the other hand, hard work is what gives results. This is like your first day at work. In your first day, everything you do will be tiring. However, after a couple of months doing the same job, the tasks will be like your second nature.

True Basics: fundamental movements

Beginners never get started with complex movements only to backtrack later. It's detrimental to progress, right?

Instead, they often get started with nine basic moves that will slowly introduce them into the system. These are air squats, overhead squats, front squats, push jerks, push press, shoulder press, dead-lifts, medicine ball clean and finally, sumo dead-lift high pulls. Those are the basics that every instructor teaches before adding one skill after the other. It's a gradual but effective process in the end.

So don't hesitate to get your mind and body in the routine of being active and fit!

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