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6 Ways Tips to Stay Active

Posted by Bernie Maroto on

Staying active benefits people of all ages including children, adults and senior citizens. Some of the benefits of staying active include physical fitness having positive attitude and mental alertness. It will also increase your body’s ability to fight diseases and increase your level of endurance and flexibility. However, the biggest challenge that many people have is knowing how to stay active. In this article we are going to give you tips that will help you stay more active.

  1. Start small

You need to start small then add more time as to get used to the system. For instance, if you are thinking of running every day before you go to work, don’t run for 5KM at once, start with 1KM then add the distance slowly by slowly as you get used to the system. 

  1. Be realistic.  

Staying active is about setting goals that are realistic. You need to be true to yourself. Don’t set goals that you cannot achieve. Analyze both your strengths and weaknesses carefully when setting goals so then you don’t end up setting goals that are not achievable.

  1. Don’t go it alone.

It is very easy to lose focus and morale if you decide to go it alone. If you want to stay motivated, involve friends, family members and even colleagues. They will make activities more fun and they will always motive you when you feel like giving up. You will also get motivated when you see your friends making good progress.

  1. Get variety.

Staying active does not need to involve only one physical activity. In fact if you will easily get bored if you decide to only get involve in one particular activity. Getting involved in variety of physical activities such as yoga and dancing will not only motivate you but will also make it more enjoyable. Ensure that you pick a different activity to do each week. By varying your activities, you are less likely to lose interest and get bored.

  1. Set reminders.

Human beings are bound to forget and get bored along the way especially when things get tough or other responsibilities demand more attention. A reminder will help you stay focus on your goal. Have a reminder and keep it when you can see.

  1. Reward yourself.

Although many people usually overlook this factor, rewarding yourself is very important when you achieve your targets. Come up with a list of things that you really like. This can be things like a pair of shoes, a magazine among many others. If you achieve your targets, appreciate your efforts by rewarding yourself.

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