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Basics To Get Started

Posted by Bernie Maroto on

Working out or going to the gym has of late become buzz words in many social setups and circles and this has led to most people checking out the various important workout basics they need to learn. This they do in order to get the most out of their gym sessions as well as learn how to do it right. This kind of information is very important as it helps keep the newbie from suffering some common and avoidable gym injuries. Below are some of these workout basics that every newbie to working out ought to learn by heart.

Working Smart

Just like in the corporate world where top management stress on the importance of working smart as compared to working hard, the same principle applies in working out. One ought to work out while paying close attention to their body’s endurance level. This goes a long way in eradicating some of the common exercise-related accidents from occurring in the gym. Working so hard on the gym does not guarantee results as one would suffer from gym fatigue. This could make them hate the whole concept of working out. It is important to concentrate on exercise routines that are more effective on your body as it leads to great results in a short time.

Understanding Your Goals

Before hitting the gym, ensure that you have clearly outlined the goals you want to achieve by the end of your time at the gym. If your goal is to bulk up your body, you should consult your trainer on the most suitable exercise routines meant to make one bulk up. Then you would be expected to lift heavier weights in a short time and with lesser reps as compared to when you need to tone your body. Ensure that you follow your exercise routines religiously in order to attain your exercise goals.


It is important to identify when and how you go about eating while working out as your diet forms part of your exercise regime. You should take a kind of a kick start before your gym session to give the body the energy it needs for the session like some nuts, banana or bread. Hydrating your body throughout the workout session is also important as your muscles require lots of water. The diet you choose for your post-workout sessions should also be in-line with your exercise regime to ensure that your body gets the right amount of nutrition.

Keep Challenging Yourself

If you wish to note some change in your body, ensure that you keep on challenging yourself at the gym with time. Do not get comfortable at a certain level as this would compromise your fitness level as well as muscle gain. Always challenge yourself with added weight range, exercise stances and other different and more effective exercises.


Indulging in Compound Exercises

If you wish to gain an overall body fitness level, you can indulge in compound exercises. These are exercises that usually engage several muscle groups with every rep. these exercises are great since they involve almost all the body parts thus ensuring a uniform gaining of body muscles. 

All the above are some of the crucial workout basics that any new person wishing to hit the gym should know from the very beginning. 

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