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Advanced Weight Lifting Techniques

Posted by Zach Brown on

Advanced weight lifting has so many techniques that are associated with it. Many of these techniques can be used only by those people who are undergoing weight training for so many years. There are so many techniques which can be really effective only when they are meant to be executed in regimes that are strategically planned or larger. There are also certain techniques that you can use only at certain contexts. It is necessary for the individuals who have got expertise in the weight lifting training to understand these advanced techniques for them to have much excellence in the field.

Maximal Effort Method

This is the training technique that makes use of maximal resistance with fewer repetitions that is something between 1 to 3. This is the technique which is actually made used by the athletes like Olympic weightlifters or powerlifters. It can also be used by other athletes too for improving the intramuscular coordination during the time of heavy loads. This does not have much ability for inducing muscular hypertrophy. It is the kind of the training that has got the basic exercises in it which include isolated movements, abdominal training, auxiliary exercises, squat, deadlift, bench press etc. There are more chances for one to go through injury which is the major drawback with this kind of the technique.

Dynamic Effort Method

It is the technique that is used for increasing the rate of the force development with the movement of loads which can be light or moderate as fast as possible. This is the kind of the training that make use of plyometrics. It is also applied to the weight training and is made used with the heavy chains, elastics and also other weight training equipments.

Super Sets

It is all about performing one set of exercise soon after another. It do not allow you to take any rest between the various exercise sets ad only that you can do is to be in position so that you can finish the other one. Antagonist super set is one such in which the antagonist muscle group is made to perform super set. It challenges the endurance of the muscle. You may also come across the pre exhaust – super set in which you need to perform isolated exercise just before one compound exercise. It can challenge the local muscular endurance. Giant set is the one that performs three or more than that number of exercises without any rest.

Rest Pause

It is the one that perform reps as many as possible then take rest and start performing some additional repetitions. There are so many in this which include stripping, drop sets and also down the rack.


These are advanced weight lifting techniques that need less range of the motion for the exercise in the notion of attaining some specific objective. It can help in increasing the strength to a greater extend. There are quite a lot of chances so that you get to deal with many.

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