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Eating Well for Exercise

Posted by Bernie Maroto on

Diet can influence exercise outcomes. You need to know what and when to eat to get the most out of your workouts. Here are a few tips on eating well for exercise. You can use them to keep fit or prepare for athletic competitions. 

Eat a Wholesome Breakfast

This is particularly important if you wake up early to exercise. You need a wholesome breakfast at least 60 minutes before your workout. Working out before breakfast can make you lightheaded. Have a light meal that includes plenty of carbohydrates to energize you. Some of the foods you can eat at breakfast include waffles, pancakes, fresh juice, bananas, low-fat milk, and whole grain cereals. You can also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before exercising. 

Get Your Portions Right

You need to eat the right amount of food before working out. Plan your large meals at least 3 to 4 hours before a workout. You can eat small meals about two or three hours before you exercise. Small snacks can also be helpful if you limit them to an hour before workouts. Eating large portions just before you exercise can make you sluggish while very small meals may not provide the energy you require. 

Snack Wisely

Snacking is necessary but you need to do it wisely. The secret is to follow your body’s cues. You can snack before and during workouts. Snacking before workouts can raise your blood sugar, allowing you to work out more intensely. You also need to pick the right foods to snack on. Some of the options you can consider include energy bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, smoothies, crackers, sandwiches.


This is another essential aspect of eating well for exercise. Your diet needs to include plenty of fluids to keep your body well hydrated. The body loses fluids when you work out, making it necessary to hydrate regularly. You need about two or three cups of water before workouts. It is also important to drink a cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise. Drink another two or three cups after workouts. Water is recommended but sports drinks are also a good choice especially if you are involved in strenuous workouts. These drinks will offer additional energy. 

Exercise intensity and duration should determine the amount of food you eat. Take advantage of these tips to get better outcomes from your workout routines. A food journal can help you determine the best meals to include depending on how your body responds when you eat certain foods before and after workouts. 

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