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A Closer Look At The Slim Gym

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Slim Gym Rig by Pure Strength

The Slim Gym has been one of our most popular items since Day 1. In the beginning we wanted to find the perfect solution to saving space in a garage. We understand the importance of getting a workout in at the house and we wanted to create a device that would allow you to squat, bench, and do pull ups without taking up ample space in your garage.


How does it save space?

The standard Slim Gym is only 4 ft by 1 ft, attaching to your wall and floor. We suggest you implement anchors properly in all areas (12) to ensure maximum durability. The anchor package can be added on with purchase or can be bought at your local hardware store for the same price. The space allows most people to be able to park their car inside their garage (not a guarantee this is your case).


Want some extra room?

Sometimes space is not a problem and people would like some extra room off the wall (if you have a larger kip swing). We offer additional brace lengths that range 18” – 24” depending on the amount of space you’re willing to give up. These do not take away anything from the amazing durability of the rig itself. This just simply takes you a few extra inches off the wall in which the top half is secured.



You might be thinking, "why doesn’t it fold?" We decided against the “foldable rack” for a reason. Although they may act as very unique space saver, we prefer to hold down your weight the old fashion way(anchors). Our Slim Gym has been tested up to 700 lbs. and has been swung on by thousands of different bodies to get the same response, “Dang, this thing is solid.” And you don’t have to worry about a small clip popping out of it and unfolding into your beautiful car.


Add Ons?

Although the standard Slim Gym is a gem itself, we have also created additional equipment to allow it to be even more versatile.


  • Solo Bar Holder: This piece bolts to the column and allows you to store your Pure Strength barbell safely.
  • Safety Spotter Arms: These can be used for a lot of different moves, but most commonly heavy bench, squat, and the occasional jerk work. Great piece to have for when you don’t have workout partner to spot you(we don’t recommend lifting heavy without someone else in the room).
  • G- Up: The famous G-Up (get up) we designed for all our shorties and kids. This device allows you to set your pull up bar as high as you wish and only being one G-Up from reach.

 Pure Strength Solo Bar Holder Pure Strength Safety Spotter Arms 


Is it adjustable?

You bet it is! We designed the Slim Gym’s pull up system to go as low as 5’ and as tall as 8’1”, making sure you can find the perfect height for you. Also note that the columns are 7’6”, so be sure to have an extra 12” of ceiling clearance to allow you to perform all movements safely.



We built the Slim Gym with the average person in mind. We know not everyone has an engineering background so we didn’t want to make any more complicated than it needed to be, but if you still have any complications DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US. We are always willing to help out.



Well that’s a wrap for now. The Slim Gym has a fan base of its own and we’re honored to have the opportunity to create something that could help a mother squeeze in a workout in the middle of a long day or a gym owner who just wants some alone time with their squats.


Also, if you still have any questions or concerns about this product or any other product , please e-mail us at and we will get back with you ASAP!



“Great design of a rig for a home gym. Gives you everything you need for pull ups and a squat rack, and it doesn't take up a lot of room.” – James Harwick


"We had a huge, bulky squat rack until we found the Slim Gym! It takes up very little space. Very sturdy. Very easy to install! Best buy for a garage gym." – Angela Marklin


"Great rig. Easy to install and everything you need in the garage. We replaced an old rig with 2 slim gyms and we can still get our car in our single car garage. Great buy for any home gym." -TJ Menerey

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