Pure Strength Stinger Sled
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Pure Strength Stinger Sled

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Introducing the storage friendly Stinger Sled by Pure Strength. We have innovated a way to fold and stack multiple sleds on top of each other to be easily stored and out of the way taking up minimal space. When stacked they conveniently interlock to give you a secure stack of Sleds.


The track cut into the pipe allows the pipe to rotate from the "stacked" position (pipe down) upwards to the loadable (pipe up) position. When in "stack" position, the track allows the pipe to lock into place so it can't slide, pivot or roll. The bottom of the pipe locks into the sled base so the pipe does not fall over while loading weight, giving you one of the sturdiest sleds in the game. 


Along with these awesome features the Stinger Sled has been tested and approved by some of the fittest athletes in the world on all types of terrain. You can pretty much drag this sled on Mars if you can get it there. 


When innovating this product we had the affiliates in mind. The co-owner of Pure Strength is a CrossFit box owner as well, so he understands first hand how important every square inch of space is. If you’re a gym that implements pull sled work to your workout formula, then the Stinger Sled is the most space saving sled on the market. You can stack these sleds to the ceiling if needed, and you would only take up the sled’s footprint of space.


Obviously we didn’t build a sled just for stacking purposes. When we create something we ensure it’s of the best quality in every aspect. As stated above we make our athletes test and approve every piece of equipment before putting it into production. So you take any concerns out of the equation now. This sled is the best, and we will back that up by any means.

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