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Climbing Rope with Clamp- Manilla

  • 8300

The Pure Strength Climbing Rope is equipped with the best rope clamp on the market. Our rope clamp features a fully welded top cap to keep dust and moisture from finding its way into the manilla rope, making these ropes and rope clamps suitable for outdoor use.. A "U Hanger" is formed out of 3/8" solid steel rod and full welded to a laser cut piece of 1-1/2" S.40 pipe that clamps securely to the rope allow absolutely no slippage of the rope. Both ends of our ropes are covered and secured with heavy duty heat shrink to resist moisture and fraying. 

Note: These ropes are made from natural materials. The rope will ware over time if neglected and left outdoors for long periods of time or in bad weather. It is your responsibility to maintain your ropes and to replace them if you feel they are unsafe. 

Material: Durable Manilla

Brand: Pure Strength

Sizes: 15' and 20'

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