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Slim Gym: Bruiser Edition

Slim Gym: Bruiser Edition

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-18" Wall Braces


Pure Strength Slim Gym Rig

Brand Pure Strength
Style Wall Mount
Color Standard Black
Weight 135 lb.
Length 4'
Width 1'
Column Height  7'6"
Pull Up Bar Height Adjustable for 5'-8'1"
Footprint 4'x1'
Material Georgia Powder
Steel 2"x 3" 11 Gauge
Made In USA Yes- Forged in Georgia



  • Pull up bar height customizable 
  • 4 1/2" Bolts and Hardware
  • 2 1/2" hole spacing for J-Cups
  • Includes (2) Red Series J-Cups
  • Unit must be bolted to the floor and wall.

The Space Brace:

These are the braces that attach from Rig to the wall. Depending on how much space you want determines what route you're going to go with bracing. Standard bracing is 12" which helps you save space and keeps you snug to the wall. If you're interested in more space we have two other options being 18" and 24". 

Common Questions and Concerns:

"I'm pretty tall, will I be able to kip and do Pull Ups on the Slim Gym?

Absolutely! The creators of the Slim Gym are both over 6'3" tall and both use these at home. If you feel more comfortable with more space from the wall we suggest upgrading to 18" or 24" braces, but standard 12" works just as well for tall people!

"Can the Slim Gym hold big weight"? 

Sure it can. We wouldn't build anything that couldn't. We have tested the Slim Gym up to 1,000 lbs. and it has not budged. The more weight the better! 

"The installation looks difficult."

It's really not! We have designed this Rig to make it easy for you install. One person is capable of putting this up, but we suggest you ask a friend to help out.  If there are ANY questions we are a phone call away and can walk you through it!

"Can you bench with it?"

You know it! We have 2 different styles of bench to choose from as well!

Any Add Ons that work well with the Slim Gym?

The Slim Gym is designed with 2x3" 11 gauge steel columns to give you a sleek look with durable support. Anything we offer under 2"x3" accessories will work great with the Slim Gym. We suggest the following!

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