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Stainless Pull Up Bars

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Pure Strength Stainless Pull Up Bars

Everyone has a preference. These pull up bars were created for those of you that love the texture and grip of a raw steel pull up bar. What makes our version of the raw pull up bar unique is the stainless steel material choice. The stainless steel pipe used for our stainless bars will not rust or pit like regular un-coated steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe is ran through a texturing process by our steel supplier before it is delivered to us. This process and the noncorrosive properties of the stainless steel allows us to provide you with the best textured, longest lasting raw bar on the market. 

Product Specs:

  • Colors: Black ends, textured stainless steel bar
  • Sizes: 43" and 65"
  • 7.5" hole spacing
  • 5/8" hardware(included)
  • Weight: 65" = 15lb. 43"= 9 lbs.

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