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The Pure Strength team comes from a number of backgrounds, but with shared goals and several things in common: A passion for fitness, a drive to serve the CrossFit community, and the desire for excellence in all we do. Chris Brown, owner at CrossFit Pure and Bryan Richter, owner of Aligned Building Systems, came together to form a company with the goal of being just a little different from everyone else in the world of functional fitness equipment. They wanted to offer a custom approach built on relationships and an unwavering willingness to serve our customers, who also happen to be our friends. Even if they’re thousands of miles away.


Pure Strength all started with a  Facebook post - Chris asked for recommendations for a good welder. CrossFit Pure, Chris’ gym, was expanding and looking to install a custom rig for the new space. Bryan responded and was eager and willing to help, and his team was able to create a rig just as Chris envisioned. The positive feedback Pure received at the Grand Opening event set the wheels in motion for the birth of Pure Strength. If Bryan’s team could build such a high quality rig for Pure, why couldn’t the guys team up and do it for everybody?


Now, Pure Strength has grown from its simple beginnings with a refined product offering, both in design and execution, and produces fitness equipment of a quality that speaks for itself. Pure Strength equipment is synonymous with excellence, reliability, and durability. As we’ve grown, we’ve insisted on continuing to do things the right way each and every time and while it isn’t possible for us to be local to all of our customers, we’ve also insisted on making it feel like we’re just around the corner. No matter what a gym’s needs, we can provide a solution. Whether that means a custom rig to optimize space usage or just a few small items to get up and running, Pure is the equipment provider of choice. ​


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