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Let's Build A Rig Together!



Pure Strength is proud to announce its partnership with Ben Bergeron as well as his established companies CrossFit New England, CrossFit Tilt, Competitor’s Training, and the famous Boston based competition, Kill Cliff East Coast Championship.

When we began talking to Ben about possibly developing a state of the art rig for the 2016 ECC, we immediately were impressed with his vision and passion. We also shared the same style goals and decided to exclusively partner up and innovate together. 

It’s easy working with Ben in the design process because he is such a visionary and gives us valuable information to work with. Along with custom colors, wall ball targets and sizing, we constructed the best rig for both of his facilities CrossFit New England and his newest addition, CrosssFit Tilt. 

Like Ben, you too can design a custom Rig that fits your Brand/Affiliate. In a world full of CrossFit Gyms there are many things you must do to stand out, but certainly be sure your Rig is better than the competition!

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