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Rental Rigs



Pure Strength Rigs can be rented at 10% the retail cost of the Rig for standard competition Rigs. For large Rigs which require additional design processes or premium-level Rigs, rental cost will be 20% of the Rig's retail cost.


Pure Strength Equipment is available at a rental price of 20% off the retail value of the rented items, if the item is in stock in our competition inventory. If the item is not in stock in our competition inventory, we offer customers the opportunity to purchase equipment at a markdown of 20% off the retail cost. At this point we encourage customers to resell that equipment as "one-time use competition gear" at a markdown of 15% from retail cost. This allows customers to recoup some of the cost and even make a small profit on equipment.


It is the responsibility of the customer to cover shipping costs to and from the event facility. For an additional cost, which will be quoted on a case-by-case basis, Pure Strength can be hired to deliver and set up equipment for your event. If available, Pure Strength will deliver and set up at your event if you have in excess of 500 competitors and 1000 spectators in exchange for booth space at the event.


We will give you the opportunity to sell the one-time used from you event for 15% off the retail cost. You will then be reimbursed the appropriate dollar amount for the percentage of equipment that was sold from your event.

Example: You had $10,000 of equipment rented at your event, and $5,000 of it was sold at your event. That is 50% of the equipment, so 50% of your rental fee would be reimbursed (that does not include costs). Shipping costs are non-reimburable expenses.