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Bear Komplex 2 Hole Grips

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 Brand: Bear Komplex 

Color: Black or Tan 

  • Manufactured from genuine leather in the tan and a thinner suede leather in the black, featured with a custom wrist strap which is designed for comfort and support positioned under the buckle. Bear Komplex Cross training grips will not dig into your wrist!
  • Durable triple stitching will ensure full support and stability when using the Bear Komplex gymnastics grips. 


1.  Find your hand/wrist connection.  This is where your hand and wrist meet (you should see a creased line there).  This is the point to start measuring from.

2.  Be sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat.  DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers backward.

3.  Measure from the wrist/hand connection (where you see the crease) to the base of your middle finger.  Be precise and don't round up or down.

***If between sizes, go up to next size***

*** The leather grips will stretch slightly***

* Returns or exchanges only accepted if the grips are unused and in original packaging *

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