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Plyo Cube

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The all new Pure Strength Plyo Cube. We never settle, we are always looking to improve. This Plyo isnt a new piece of equipment but it does have some enhanced features that we think you will love. 

1. All rounded edges. Say goodbye to cut shins. We didnt just sand the edges down a little, we routed every edge so that each edge is rounded on a circular radius. 

2. Handle placement. Moved from that awkward position to a position where the box is held closer to center mass. 

3. Custom logo placement options. Enhance your brand within your gym by adding custom logo.  

All in one cube 20"/24"/30"

*Orders of 8 or more plyo cubes are eligible for custom branding.  There is a $15 upcharge per box for logo placement.  Send an email to for more details and quotes.

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