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Pure Strength Olympic Bar

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100% USA/Manufactured
28 MM diameter with all OLY dimension/weight requirement
Oly training bar with NO center knurl
190,000 min tensile strength and 175,000 min yield strength
28 MM material is heat treated, turned, ground, polished and straightened to 0.0005" linear foot.
Bar and Bar Ends are all plated with clear bright zinc finish for optimum grip.
10 total high end needle bearings per bar(5 per end). All needle bearings are held in place using custom machined and fitted brass bushings.
         All Bearing is packed at assembly using a high quality lithium type of grease. The "out of the box" spin on the bar ends may not seem as easy initially with no load as our bushing bars, but that is what is best for the needle bearing as the bar "breaks in". If we used a thinner type of lubricant the bar would spin easier initially, but would not be as good for the bar and bearing longer term.
                  Pure Strength

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