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Slim Gym Utility Plate

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Introducing the new Slim Gym Utility Plate! The Utility Plate eliminates the need to add wood to the wall for installation of the Slim Gym. It makes installation 10X easier, and it also doubles as a customizable storage solution.  Choose from multiple accessories for the Utility Plate to store and organize your equipment right at an arms reach. With our innovative, patent pending, slotted design, it is quick and easy to change or move accessories (no hardware needed!).This is the perfect solution for a garage gym or setting up individual lifting / workout stations in a large gym.

The design of the Utility Plate allows for mounting directly to the studs of both 16" O.C. and 24" O.C. walls, as well as concrete or block walls. 

**The Utility Plate will also work on our Continuous Slim Gyms **

Accessories: Accessories sold separately here: Utility Plate Accessories 

Material: 11ga formed steel

Plate Hardware: (4) carriage bolts (w/ washer, lock washer, and nut) included

Wall Hardware: No hardware is included to mount into wall. We suggest using 5/16" diameter hardware. 


Do you already have a Slim Gym installed with wood, but want to switch the wood our for the Utility Plate? No problem! We designed the Utility Plate with our past customers in mind. The Utility Plate is the same thickness as a normal 2x8 or 2x10. This means you will be able to take the wood off of the wall and replace it with the Utility Plate with our moving the your Slim Gym. 


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