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Slim Gym Wall Beams (PAIRS)

Slim Gym Wall Beams (PAIRS)

  • 5000

Brand Pure Strength
Color Options Black
Material 13/6" Formed Steel and 1/4" Steel Ends
Sold In Pairs Yes
Made In USA Yes


The main objective of wall beams are to secure the Slim Gym to the safely to the wall. A standard Slim Gym comes with a 12" beams, but if you're looking to move further away from the wall you check out the 18" and 24" options here. These are sold in pairs.

12" wall braces are best for saving the maximum about of floor space in a garage or large gym. 18" wall braces (Our Best Seller) are the perfect length for kipping and most any other movement that you may need a little more space for. 24" wall braces are perfect for workout partners. If you are going to regularly have a spotter, say for bench pres, then 24" wall braces are the way to go. All three are great choices and all have their advantages! 


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