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Wall Ball Storage

  • 10500

Brand Pure Strength
Color Black/Red
Slats/Shelf 14 Gauge Steel
Brackets 1/4" Steel
5 ft. Option Comes with 2 Brackets-2 Slats (holds approx. 4 wall balls)
10 ft. Option Comes with 3 Brackets- 4 Slats (hold approx. 8 wall balls)
Made In USA Yes


We believe space is a necessity and a good gym can benefit from just 1 square foot extra. That's why we love the innovation of our latest Wall Ball Storage. This was designed to give your gym or garage a unique look as well as the best storage capabilities.

**Please note that the picture shows (4) 10' wall ball storages. A 10' storage is made of 3 of the red brackets that bolt to the wall and 4 of the slats that slide into the brackets for your wall balls to sit on. A 5' storage would be only 2 of the red brackets that bolt to the wall and 2 of the slats for your wall balls to sit on.

If you have any questions regarding this piece of equipment, please don't hesitate to call us directly and inquire. This storage system can extend for days, so if you're looking for a larger quantity let us know!

Phone: (678) 935-9556


              Pure Strength

Innovating A Higher Standard.


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